• Events | 5th AUGUST 2019

For 25 years, August 5th
The Museo Ideale Leonardo Da Vinci Recalls
the landscape of Leonardo with the Valdinievole and the Padule of Fucecchio
from Montalbano in the surroundings of Vinci

Monday 5th August 2019 is a special tribute to visitors.

To highlight the identification of Leonardo’s first autographed drawing, with a view of the Valdinievole and the Padule di Fucecchio from Montalbano in the surroundings of Vinci, of which, in 1994, the Museo Ideale Leonardo Da Vinci created a postal edition dedicated to the “Landscape of 5 August 1473”.

Every year the Museo Ideale has then highlighted this anniversary not only in Italy, but also on the occasion of exhibitions, publications and conferences abroad: from Athens to Gothenburg and Amboise, from Chicago to Tokyo and Kaohsiung.

The original design of the “August 5th Landscape” was exhibited this year by the Municipal Administration of Vinci, in the Leonardian Museum, creating an exceptional historical event on the occasion of the celebrations of the fifth centenary of Leonardo’s death.

Already in 1985, with a conference entitled “The Valdinievole del Buggiano and Leonardo” (the Buggiano was Brunelleschi’s favorite pupil) in the Palazzo Pretorio in Buggiano, Alessandro Vezzosi, who later became director of the Ideal Museum Leonardo Da Vinci, provided a series of new clarifications still fundamental on the design of 5 August 1473 (published in his books translated into 18 languages). He demonstrated, among other things, that the landscape does not depict the Arno valley (as traditional

On Monday August 5th 2019 the Museo Ideale Leonardo Da Vinci, recently reopened to the public, will also pay tribute to the first 100 visitors, with one of the historic and rare postcards made in 1994 with the Mint of the State (20 with the representation of the Landscape of 1473, 20 with the excavator for the deviation of the Arno, 20 with the allegory of navigation, 20 with San Giorgio and the dragon, and 20 with the flying machine).

In the Ideal Museum Leonardo Da Vinci (in the historical center), a painting by the Chinese artist Xu Li inspired by the Leonardian Landscape will be exhibited; and in the Leonardo Museum and the Renaissance of wine (in Sant’Ippolito in Valle, 6 km from the center of Vinci) the elaboration of Roberto Giovannelli with a fanciful take on the imaginative virtual interpretations of the same landscape.