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Naked Gioconda | Detail Leonardo’s Workshop (Achademia Leonardi Vinci), Attributed to Salai or Melzi from Leonardo’s conception (with filler holes) Gioconda nude, oil on canvas applied in ancient times on panel 1513 – circa 1517 (?) Private collection on deposit at the Ideal Museum Leonardo da Vinci

In the fifth centenary since the death of the great artist-scientist, Leonardo Vive is an exhibition with works and documents never exhibited before that will take place in the two museums, and that will be inaugurated in Vinci on May 2nd 2019 (exactly on the day of the anniversary of death).

The exhibition was included in the official program of the National Committee for Leonardo’s celebrations.

The Museo Ideale Leonardo Da Vinci will reopen to the public, renovated and reorganized, with the ‘Leonardo Vive’ exhibition. The exhibition will also be articulated in the new space connected to it: the Leonardo Museum and the Renaissance of wine, located in the complex of Villa Da Vinci in Sant’Ippolito a Valle, a few kilometers from the historic center, in the new location of the Vinci Museums, in partnership with the Municipality of Vinci.

The exhibition also includes the collaboration of: State Archives of Florence, State Archives of Prato, National Archaeological Museum of Florence, International Ceramics Museum in Faenza.

L’exhibitoin – a kaleidoscope articulated in different sections:

Leonardo Heritage presents archival documents that have never been exhibited, discoveries so far unknown and the genealogy of the Da Vinci family, starting from Leonardo’s rediscovered ancestors, up to the living descendants of his father and brother Domenico.

Leonardo and the Renaissance of Wine deepens Leonardo’s relations with the territory and with agriculture, which played an important role in his life and in his many studies, from nature to rural technology…

Mona Lisa and the nude Gioconda, with original works by Leonardo’s workshop, unpublished scientific examinations and ancient engravings.

Leonardism through the centuries begins with the folders of the Nodi of the Geneva, Xylographed by Albrecht Dürer in the early sixteenth century, and continues between images of Leonardo and d’après, including the theft of 1911 and the Gioconda L.H.O.O.Q. by Duchamp, up to other protagonists of the international neo-avant-gardes and of international contemporary art…

Curators: Alessandro Vezzosi, Agnese Sabato.